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Press releases

Appointment General Manager – Lending (Vow Financial)

By Lyndsey Douglas

Yellow Brick Road Holdings Ltd (ASX:YBR) today announces the appointment of a General Manager - Lending for the company’s aggregator, Vow Financial.

Trump presidency & your investments

By Lyndsey Douglas

What you need to know about a Trump presidency and your investments

CEO – Lending steps down

In accordance with ASX Listing Rule 3.16.1, Yellow Brick Road Holdings Ltd (ASX:YBR) advises that Tim Brown, CEO – Lending, will be stepping down from his position in the company effective 31 December 2016.

Appointment of new GM - Lending

By Lyndsey Douglas

Yellow Brick Road today announces the appointment of a General Manager - Lending for the branded branch network.

The power in your hands

By MPA magazine

Weddings are stressful enough as it is, wining and dining dozens of guests. But how about feeding 2,000? That’s what Yellow Brick Road wealth manager Zaheer Lalani and his wife Sajda managed at their wedding.

Mark Bouris on A Current Affair

Tonight on A Current Affair Mark Bouris discusses the key ways to derive wealth from the family home.

Agreement to sell accounting business

Yellow Brick Road Holdings Limited (ASX: YBR) announces that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Yellow Brick Road Accounting & Wealth Management Pty Ltd, has today entered into a Business Sale Agreement (BSA) with DBR Advisory Pty Ltd (Buyer.

Yellow Brick Road announces new wealth division leader

Diversified financial services company Yellow Brick Road has today announced the appointment of Adam Youkhana as General Manager of its wealth division.

Mark Bouris on National Finance Brokers Day

National Finance Brokers Day (NFBD) has been established to help boost consumer awareness of the broker industry, as well as highlighting the advantages of using a broker. NFBD has been supported by the FBAA and MFAA, as well as Yellow Brick Road and Vow Financial.

ASX: Move to franchise structure and consolidation

Wealth management company Yellow Brick Road Holdings Ltd (ASX: YBR) today announced the transition to a franchise model, consolidation in staff numbers and a focus on increased network productivity and adviser recruitment.

Resignation of CEO - Wealth Management

In accordance with ASX Listing Rule 3.16.1, Yellow Brick Road Holdings Ltd (ASX: YBR) advises that Mr Matt Lawler has resigned as CEO Wealth Management and will effectively conclude his tenure with the business on 30 September 2016.

Yellow Brick Road Dee Why launches impressive branch

Yellow Brick Road Dee Why celebrated the launch of their new flagship branch last night, alongside Andrew Morello and other YBR team members.

Successful launch for new branch in Epping

Yellow Brick Road Epping was officially opened last night as Principal Craig Yew welcomed friends and colleagues to celebrate their induction into Yellow Brick Road.

Yellow Brick Road Blacktown opens in style on Saturday

Zaheer Lalani and his team have officially opened their new office and branch in Blacktown alongside Yellow Brick Road staff and clients.

Broker named best regional performer in the nation

Yellow Brick Road Ballarat Branch Principal Andrew Drummond was recognised this afternoon as the best regional broker in the country at the Australian Broking Awards.

EOFY Yellow Brick Road award winners

The end of financial year was celebrated by Yellow Brick Road head office on Thursday night with a dinner and awards ceremony.

Appointment of new non-executive director

The Yellow Brick Road Holdings Limited Board is today pleased to announce the appointment of Non-Executive Director, John George.

Should you be using a Financial Planner?

By Lyndsey Douglas

Financial Planning isn't just setting up a monthly budget - it's preparing yourself for the long term.

Yellow Brick Road tackles ‘too old to retire’ issues

Yellow Brick Road Wealth Management is seeking to address reports showing Australians are struggling to achieve a comfortable retirement by opening its doors for the fourth annual ‘Ask My Advice Day’ on 28th May.

Apprentice to master investor

Andrew Morello has gone from owning a business at 14 to owning nine properties today. He talks to Your Investment Property about working hard and trying new things
Mark Bouris

Christmas gift giver personality

We think there are five archetypes for modern Christmas gift giving approaches. These impact how you plan and budget for the festive season. From the enthusiast or Santa-fanatic (lovers of this time of year) through to the Santaphobe (those who perceive it all to be a commercial farce).

Mark Bouris

Discover your money personality type

Each of us has a different attitude to our personal wealth, from the Enthusiast to the Too Busy types. It impacts how involved you are with your money, how attainable your aspirations and where and what you do with your money. They key is self-awareness: knowing what to outsource and what to change.

Press Releases

Yellow Brick Road's superannuation fund hits milestone

Yellow Brick Road chief executive Matt Lawler has announced that RetireRight has reached $100 million in funds under management, after two years in the market. The RetireRight fund, developed in partnership with OneVue, was launched just over two years ago as a low-fee superannuation fund tailored for Yellow Brick Road’s younger client base.

Partnership with MetLife in insurance offering

A suite of tailored lifestyle protection solutions will be launched this year through a new partnership with MetLife and Yellow Brick Road. The agreement is the next phase of the Group’s core business strategy to leverage the scale of key players for product delivery.

As the banks go up, we smash our rates down

Following an increase in home loans by a major bank, disruptor Yellow Brick Road Holdings Limited is going the other way. Unlike the major banks, with our business model we can send rates down giving consumers a more competitive offer at a three per cent price point.

Guru is at the forefront of robo-advice

The first major roll out of a guided robo-technology modelling tool has been labelled a success by Yellow Brick Road. Guru was introduced on a pilot basis in June, with the intention of disrupting the traditional financial services industry by giving the consumer more control over their financial future.

Vow's network grows to 1000th broker

Our aggregator hit a major milestone at the annual conference in South Africa with the 1,000th broker joining the network. Since Mark Bouris’ Yellow Brick Road bought the business a year and half ago, Vow has gone from strength to strength seeing the network grow by over 300 brokers, an increase of over 45%.

Vow inspires new ways in South Africa and beyond

Record breaking attendance and an announcement on what’s ahead for the 2016 conference and the year ahead. This year’s 2015 conference themed “Inspiring New Ways” received the largest attendance to date with 100 individual finance brokers trekking across the globe to South Africa.

Research reveals hopes and dreams of Australians

Australian hopes and dreams change depending on the state and region you live in, according to our survey. We analysed the hopes and dreams of over 6,500 Australians in a survey which sought to understand the financial aspirations of the nation.

Vow top performers fly above altitude

Vow Financial have unveiled the winners of the Altitude Awards in what has been a record breaking year for the aggregator. This year, six additional accolades were awarded to salute the exceptional achievements throughout the network.

#MyFinancial Advice

Esther Andersen #myfinancialadvice

The best piece of financial advice I was ever given growing up was ‘you need to spend money to make money!’

Jason Akermanis #myfinanicaladvice

One of the best pieces of financial advice I ever received wasn’t directly about money. It was - ‘Marry the right person. This one decision will decide 90% of your happiness or misery’

Jeff Fenech #myfinancialadvice

One of the best pieces of financial advice I’ve received was from the very successful businessman Theo Onisforou. He told me when I was in my early 50’s that ‘usually when something is too good to be true, it probably is’.

Peter Berner #myfinancialadvice

One of the best pieces of financial advice I received was when I was 20 years old. The advice came from Don Alford who was my first boss. He told me: ‘Buy a unit in Potts Point. They are only about $40,000. Get the loan. Be smart.’

Our blog

Setting your business up for success

By Mark Bouris

Creating a thriving and sustainable new small businesses is not easy. If you’re thinking of starting a new venture, be sure you have the core components right.

SMH – Spending on Children

By Mark Bouris

The University of Canberra estimated that it cost an average-earning household $812,000 to raise two kids from birth to leaving home; for a higher income family, the estimate was $1.09 million while a lower income family would spend $474,000.

5 things everyone should remember at tax time

By Lyndsey Douglas

One of the most important parts of successful financial planning is making sure your taxes are in order.

10 Must know things about investing before you turn 30

By Mark Bouris

By the time you’re employed and receiving superannuation, you have an opportunity to invest for your future. It can be confusing and it shouldn’t be.

Do you really need to work to pay down your home loan?

One in three households has a home loan and Australians owe $1.45trillion in mortgages yet at least 60 per cent of Australians lack the insurance cover to pay their mortgage if something unexpected happens.

Busting mortgage myths

A number of myths and misconceptions that keep coming up about mortgages

The right questions to ask about your home loan

A new financial year is often a time to take a closer look at money matters. It’s when we find ourselves digging through receipts, looking at old bills and trying to find places where we can save some money in the New Year.

Australians ignore refinancing opportunities

Yellow Brick Road reviewed the situation of 1,000 Australians who obtained a home loan more than two years ago.

Top ten tips for investing in real estate

A list of important tips and considerations to investing in real estate.

Is now the time for an investment property?

Have a look at a home loan comparison website and you’ll see a growing number of variable rate mortgages are now below 4 per cent.

How to buy an investment property

The time for talking is over. You’re ready to buy your first investment property. The bank has confirmed how much you can borrow and you’ve been inspecting properties to buy, but still there are so many questions.

Thinking about buying your first home?

Buying your first home can be both exciting and scary, but knowing what to expect, doing your research and being prepared can take a lot of the stress out of the situation.

Is it time to downsize your home?

By Lyndsey Douglas

Many Australians choose to downsize later in life to free up equity in their homes, but how do you know when it's the right time to make the decision?

What are the costs of having a baby?

By Lyndsey Douglas

Thinking of starting a family? Here are just a few of the costs you'll need to keep in mind as you move forward with having a baby!

How do you handle your finances through divorce?

By Lyndsey Douglas

Love and marriage don't always work out like we want them to. That's why you have to understand the necessary financial steps in the event of divorce.


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