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Save money by doing a quick home loan check

You could be missing out on thousands of dollars of savings, if you don’t review your home loan regularly.
Spending just 15 minutes at least once a year to find out what other offers exist could not only offer you peace of mind that your existing mortgage is working well for you, but it can also save you a lot of money to enjoy later in life.

A lot of people don’t know the basics of what is undoubtedly the hugest financial commitment of their lives, so even small changes to interest rates and fees can make a huge difference.
Take a moment to answer the following questions:
•    Have my financial circumstances and objectives changed?
•    Am I paying a high interest rate and/or high fees?
•    Am I satisfied by the level of customer service?
•    Does my loan give me the features I need and am I paying for features I don’t need?

I can show you how much money could be saved if you refinanced your loan. And, if you wish to keep making the same monthly repayments, I’ll explain how much sooner you could have your home loan paid off by reducing the interest rate.

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