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“Surround yourself with the best and you will all become successful together.”

Tracy Richardson, the franchise owner of my first full time job with Australian Poker League, original said this to me when I was a young university student working full time and studying full time.

She is the franchisee of the number one out of 200+ Australian Poker League franchises. Her attention to detail is second to none. She is constantly educating herself through online university correspondence and now hold multiple degrees and is also a franchisor for a children’s education business. I have a lot of admiration for her as a leader and took her advice seriously - it was a critical time for reflection of what I need to do to become who I want to be.

That piece of advice always reminds me to look at the people I hold closest. At that point in my life I was hanging around a lot of people who did not share my passion for success or values and the work ethic I hold today. This quote made me reflect on my peers and helped create the network I share today.

Today I share that advice with like-minded people and openly invite these people into my social and professional network.

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