Weet-Bix’s Messy Kids Search 2015 sponsored by Yellow Brick Road

Yellow Brick Road is proud to be sponsoring the Weet-Bix Messy Kids Search 2015 by giving away a $4,000 Smarter Money savings account to the winner with the best ‘messy’ picture.


Why start your kid’s financial future off with Yellow Brick Road Smarter Money?

At Yellow Brick Road, we believe saving for your children today is a fantastic gift for their future. Not only are you boosting their future with savings, getting kids involved early with saving also helps them learn important lessons about money.

Every parent wants their kids to be financially savvy. Yet a lot of parents feel unable – or unqualified – to teach their children about money. Perhaps the most important basic lesson you can teach them is about compound interest. Essentially, compound interest means the interest they earn on their savings accumulates over time, making the savings larger.

It pays to find the right savings mix to give your children a kick start and be sure it’s earning the most possible interest over time. That way if you want to put the money towards their education or perhaps even a housing deposit someday – you will have made the money work as hard as possible for your child’s future.

Savings, just smarter

Our approach

We know your children’s future is what is important, and it can be tough to keep their financial savings plan on track and growing at a good rate. That is why we have developed a savings solution that is more than a bank deposit. At Yellow Brick Road we use a mix of ‘investment grade’ bonds and cash to build your children’s nest egg.

Yellow Brick Road Smarter Money delivers higher returns than your average term deposit or savings and doesn’t lock your money away for a set time frame like a term deposit. This value adds up over time!

All parents can set up a Smarter Money account for their children even if they aren’t the winner of the Messy Kids competition!

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