Vow Financial (Vow) is introducing a new relationship manager platform that will break the traditional model of how finance brokers interact with their customers.

“Vow Money Manager”, a sophisticated personal wealth manager was launched as a pilot at the annual conference in South Africa. The “brain child” of Anthony Bishop Head of Debt Management was developed in conjunction with Rubik Financial Limited to bring the innovative platform to the market. It’s powered by live market data, the cash flow and wealth management system re-adjusts every day to review a client’s spending habits and calculate the length of time required to reach their goals.

Vow Financial Chief Executive Officer Tim Brown said that the system combines the past 12 month of financial history with predictive algorithms for the year ahead to provide the finance broker with a powerful platform.

“Vow Money Manager puts all your information in one place. It has a sophisticated budget management system that also includes a daily analysis of a client’s spending habits, and how that influences the time it takes to help them achieve their goals,” he said.

“Finance brokers traditionally only take care of a person’s home loan and then refer the client on to a financial adviser. This tool will change that relationship, making the finance broker a daily ‘Money Mentor’ and ensuring that they are the key client relationship holder. Assisting clients reach their goals over the short, medium and long term is ultimately what keeps them as a loyal customer.”

The platform is being built with an alert system to allow the finance broker to know whenever a competitor runs a credit check on their client. It also has sophisticated property capability to show their client available homes in the market that fit their criteria or rental properties that are likely to give targeted returns.

When the monetary goal is reached, both parties will be alerted to know they have reached the milestone and are now ready to move onto the next step.

“Finances and property can be overwhelming and complicated for many people. We are removing all the hassle by keeping all their financial information in one place and checking daily that they are tracking towards their goals,” Mr Brown said.

“By not just operating as a finance broker but partnering with clients as a Money Mentor then we believe we will be able to build deeper relationships and stickier clients.”

The Vow Money Manager platform will commence testing with a group of Vow finance brokers in November with an expected launch to follow in the first half of next year.

About Vow Financial

Vow Financial is a mortgage aggregator for over 950 mortgage and finance brokers throughout Australia with a loan book size of over $25 billion. Vow Financial have set up Vow Wealth Management, Vow Leasing and Vow Legal to offer more financial solutions to our broker partners and their clients alongside property and insurance relationships.

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