Hopes & Dreams Overall Facts

In the Yellow Brick Road Hopes and Dreams Survey, respondents were asked to choose from thirty aspirations under the categories of retirement, lifestyle, career, property, money and family.

Yellow Brick Road received over 6,500 respondents.

Overall findings

Top categories of dreams

  1. Lifestyle dreams (24%)
  2. Property (23%)
  3. Family (21%)
  4. Money (13%)
  5. Career (11%)
  6. Retirement (9%)

Top five overall Australian hopes and dreams (ordered from the most popular)

  1. Travel and see the world
  2. Buy my first home
  3. Get my debt under control
  4. Pay off my mortgage
  5. Own my own business

Regional findings

Top 10 quirky regional differences

The following regions showed some of the most interesting and significant differences in their hopes and dreams to their home state and the Australian average.

  1. Three times the amount of Ipswich residents are dreaming about owning a boat then the state and national average.
  2. Bundaberg, Frankston and South Eastern SA were the most interested in purchasing a new set of wheels.
  3. Those living in the Riverina region are hoping to get their partner to the altar with significantly more people wanting to get married in this region.
  4. The South Coast of NSW is ready to get fit with almost twice the amount of people noting getting in shape as a priority.
  5. The largest number of aspirational first home buyers were in the Melbourne Inner City, Inner West Sydney and Ipswich.
  6. Getting debt under control can be tricky and those in Northern WA were desperate to get this sorted with nearly three times the percentage of people saying this was their goal.
  7. The biggest travellers stem from Western Australia with Perth, South West WA and South Eastern WA, three of the top five areas selecting this dream. The other most popular areas for travel were Macarthur and Inner City Melbourne.
  8. The North Shore of Sydney is most interested in buying a first home or investment property and also never want to retire.
  9. The women in the Inner West of Sydney might be a bit on the clucky side with twice as many people wanting to have a family.
  10. Ballarat and Inner City Melbourne residents are on opposite sides of the fence when it comes to renovating.

Not a single respondent from Inner City Melbourne rated renovating as one of their top three hopes and dreams whilst Ballarat residents prioritised it.

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State findings

Core state differentials

New South Welshmen are more concerned about buying their first home or investment property and more focused than the Australian average on helping their children get into the housing market. On the other hand, they’re less focused on travel or upgrading their car than the Australian average.

Victorians are keener than the Australian average to buy their first home and to travel. But they’re less focused on retiring in comfort, helping their children buy property or renovating (despite nearly every recent season of The Block being filmed in Victoria).

More Queenslander's want to earn a qualification but they have less of a focus on helping their children buy property than other Australians. They also are more focused on reıring comfortably but less focused on travel - perhaps due to their sunny warm climate.

Northern Territorian's are less interested in having a family and helping their children buy a home and more focused on having a sea change or tree change and saving for a major purchase.

Tasmanian's are less interested in buying their first home or an investment property and more focused on paying off their mortgage and retiring in comfort. A new set of wheels was also a greater desire for these islanders than mainlanders.

Australian Capital Territory residents are less interested in buying a better car than the average Australian but they are more focused on having a family, resolving their parents’ financial worries and sticking to a budget.

South Australians are more focused on buying a better car than the average Australian but are less interested in buying their first home or building an investment portfolio. However, they also have more people interested in paying off their mortgage and getting their debt under control.

Western Australians are more focused on lifestyle goals than the eastern states. They are the most inspirational jetsetters, want to own a boat, get into shape and get a more exciting job. But they are decidedly less interested in buying their first home or having a family.

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