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Australians are hard-working people who put in the hours to achieve two basic dreams: to own their home and to be able to retire in comfort. To help Australians achieve these two dreams is the mission of Yellow Brick Road

Yet Australians are also living increasingly complicated lives. One career rarely lasts for 40 years, people move for their jobs, there are kids, divorces and new marriages, illnesses and business ventures. Life expectancies keep increasing, meaning many people could be 25 years in retirement, in which time they could remarry, retrain and recreate themselves.

There are no predetermined lives, yet most Australians still want to own their house and have a comfortable retirement.

How do Australians achieve basic goals when their lives are dynamic?

In 2007 I formed Yellow Brick Road as a way of providing the building blocks of a secure future so that basic financial dreams could become reality. I wanted to bring together a range of financial products and services in one organisation, offering an holistic wealth management solution to a variety of customers. From first home to comfortable retirement – and all the important decisions in between – Yellow Brick Road can help you achieve your dreams.

The most important aspect of the Yellow Brick Road story has been the creation of a large national branch system, in the suburbs, towns and cities where people live and work. The aim was to put customers at the centre of the business, so that diverse services and products could be brought together for the customers’ goals, whatever they might be.

Pursuing this business model means we have given customers the opportunity to build strong relationships with advisers they trust: our experienced Wealth Managers.

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The Wealth Manager is a unique professional who takes charge of helping customers pursue their dreams, with holistic financial planning advice and expert associates in insurance, mortgages, superannuation, tax, business advisory and managed funds.

The Wealth Manager brings together the required team and expertise, based on where the customer wants to go. This relationship is supported by a range of industry-best financial services products, from mortgages and insurance, to superannuation and cash management accounts.

The Wealth Managers are augmented by a powerful computer platform that gives customers access to global financial information and powerful management systems, should they also want a level of self-management.

Just as I was determined to build a wealth management business around the customer’s dreams, we have also built Yellow Brick Road around our own high-quality people. We have a team of experienced financial services professionals who not only operate at our Sydney head office, but who provide their experience and expertise at the branch offices around Australia.

In my opinion, this is the key to holistic wealth management services: to have one go-to person who understands your circumstances and needs, and helps you pursue your goals with excellent advice, services and products. Wealth Managers live in your neighbourhood, but they can provide the best advice and products in Australia.

In the end, we may all want to own our own home and to have a comfortable retirement, but there are many ways of getting there and I like to think that Yellow Brick Road can help you on your own way.

Life is complex – dreams endure.

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