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  • Am I saving enough for the future?
  • How much do I need to live comfortably?
  • Do I pay off my home loan or top up my super?

Who knows where you will be in 10 or 20 years’ time? Imagine having the power today to change your tomorrow! With Guru you can.

Most of us have collected financial products and habits in a haphazard way. We may invest (or not) in ways our friends have, or spend things in ways the world urges us to. We may do things our parents recommend (or not), apply for the credit card we came across in the mail and take out a loan with the bank our savings account is with. Many of us end up with a super fund we didn’t choose and insurance we don’t really understand.

Firstly, Guru adds all this up and shows you the effect on your finances. Next, it allows you to simulate movements of your money on screen before your eyes. It's all about finding out which changes will make your hopes and dreams a reality. Imagine that!

You may have seen celebrity contestants using Guru on Celebrity Apprentice Australia. Guru also featured on A Current Affair.

What to expect on your Guru journey

financial advice

In a one hour long session , your Yellow Brick Road Money Coach will help you to get clear ideas on your hopes and dreams illustrating where you want to be in life.

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1. Start with today

In your first meeting with your local Yellow Brick Road Money Coach, you can work out if your future hopes and dreams can be supported financially based on what you have done up until now. If it isn’t all adding up nicely, we then show you how to make the adjustments then and there so you can achieve those hopes and dreams. You take over the controls. We will explain and teach you what to do. It's simpler than anything the banks and conventional advisers will lead you to believe.

2. Map it out

Guru analyses all your savings, investments, income, expenses, insurances and loans, including your home, to build a complete picture of your finances. Tens of thousands of calculations take place instantly as Guru considers returns, tax, inflation, spending patterns and legalities. Guru produces graphs and diagrams of what your future is likely to look like. Best of all, you can then change a few things and view that impact on the spot!

Perhaps you are considering having children, taking a year off, placing kids in private school, purchasing a new house or car or considering retirement? Want to see the impact? Just ask Guru. It shows you the impact all of these things will have on your future before they even happen. It’s why we call it Guru. It’s leading technology in your hands, designed for you.

3. See your roadmap

At the end of the hour session, you will walk out with a personalised booklet showing all the things you saw and did on screen. It's a simple roadmap of decisions and a glimpse of your future that could change your life. This is free* to take home and yours to keep.

4. Get a coach

To put everything in place and make it all happen is then your choice. To ensure success every step of the way, appoint one of our expert Money Coaches. We will outline a simple fixed price in writing with a money back guarantee. Even then, you choose how much and how far to take things. Our job is to follow your instructions and then coach, guide, explain and do all the changes needed to ensure at least the financial side of life is working in the best possible way for you.

5. Stay on track

Things will change in your world, and things in the greater world will change as well some good, some bad, some scary and some delightful. It’s why you need a Yellow Brick Road Money Coach to help you work out what’s important and what’s not. 

At Yellow Brick Road, we are dedicated to helping Australians achieve their hopes and dreams and ensuring they are making smart decisions with their money.


Important information

* Initial consultation at no charge. Fees and charges may apply after the initial consultation.