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What your gift-giving style says about your approach to money

Yellow Brick Road asked Australians to identify which one of five gift-giver styles they adopted, suggesting the way in which an individual approaches Christmas often correlates with their attitude to their personal wealth.

We believe that there are five archetypes for modern Christmas gift giving approaches. These impact how you plan and budget for the festive season. But they also highlight your broader approach to wealth and planning.

From the enthusiast through to those who perceive it all to be a commercial farce, we asked Australians to identify which persona they adopt in the lead up to Christmas.

Yellow Brick Road found that 39% of us consider ourselves Santa-fanatics. The type of person who is thoroughly prepared for Christmas by now.

These last few weeks are really just the final sprint for the Santa-fanatic, Christmas is a marathon that has been run for months.This person is organised. He or she purchases and collects little gift ideas and trinkets throughout the year when an object or present reminds them of a loved one. The gift-wrapping is on point but the gifts themselves don’t need to be over-the-top, just relevant and heartfelt.

The Santa-fanatic is feeling pretty relaxed right now. On other hand, the Santa-phobe is hating this month. The Santa-phobe thinks the emphasis on material goods at Christmas is wasteful and meaningless. It’s become so commercialised that all meaning has been lost and they’ve long since decided to give up the charade. 17% of respondents identified with this persona.

The Santa-phobe is the one who does a quick, polite ring-around in November to announce ‘we’re not doing gifts this year’ in the hope that their friends and family will see reason and follow suit. It seldom goes down well.

In between the extremes of Christmas-lovers and Christmas-phobes are the dead-liners who made up 23% (rushing and overspending at the last minute), do-it-yourself types who made up 8%  (putting relevance over expense) and delegators who made up 11% (those who put zero effort into Christmas gifting as it's managed by their better half).

We all know a delegator. Someone who has relinquished the gift choosing, gift purchasing and gift wrapping to their other half. They have literally no idea what’s beneath the raffia ribbon and wrapping paper.

The dead-liner faces the biggest likelihood of a ‘festive financial hangover’ in January. They will heavily overspend in the lead up to Christmas as a result of having left it to the last minute.

The do-it-yourself type is characterised by those who tend to hand make their gifts or purchase very practical assets: books, tools, materials to support an academic pursuit or hobby. They’re often frugal in nature.

Each gift-giver persona often parallels the individual’s approach to finances and wealth. With delegators likely to use financial experts, enthusiasts (Santa-fanatics) are heavily in control of their personal finances and avoiders (or dead-liners) tend to bury their head in the sand.

To find out your gift-giver persona - take our Yellow Brick Road poll here.

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