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New Financial Year: New Financial Goals

In January, many of us set resolutions around weight loss or achieving a career goal.
That’s all part of the annual ritual we perform in the new calendar year.

But what about the new financial year? At this time of year, we don’t want to get skinny (its winter now: we’ve resigned ourselves to pasta twice-daily and embraced a new belt hole).
Instead, we should want to get a bit fatter, specifically in our pocket region. 

The new financial year is the best time to step on the financial ‘scales’ and have a good look at how we’re tracking towards our financial goals.

Yellow Brick Road’s Guru technology is our financial ‘scale’ that displays your current situation and where your path will lead you in the next 5,10,20 and 30 years.

In a Guru session we’ll show you how you can utilise five essential financial levers.
These levers assist in the understanding of where you are today and how certain elements will affect how your future plays out.
It will help turn your aspirations into concrete goals and shows you how to take control today and for the years’ ahead.

As the new financial year begins, become inspired to make a change and Guru is a great way to kick-start it:

The Guru session will include a meeting with a Yellow Brick Road Money Coach and you’ll receive a resulting ‘Roadmap’ report for free. No obligation to go any further1.

For more information on Guru click 'Talk to an expert' in the page below.


[1] Initial Guru Report is free. Fees and charges will apply if you decide to proceed with services from Yellow Brick Road. Financial planning services are provided by Authorised Representatives of Yellow Brick Road Wealth Management Pty Limited ACN 128 650 037, AFSL 323825.

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