Episode 7 - Negotiating

This week on Celebrity Apprentice, Mr Bouris asked the celebrities to negotiate for items related to the survey responses.

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Episode 6 - This isn't the last you'll see of Gabi Grecko

Walking tabloid Gabi Grecko fired for the second time in one season.

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Episode 5 - Effective Advertising

How do you get customers 'through your door' to make revenue? Pitching becomes pivotal to get your message across quickly and effectively. See what Mr Bouris thinks.

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Episode 4 - Communication

What makes your message really stick? Mr Bouris communicates his top tips. Mr Bouris shares his insights on why the girls failed to communicate effectively and gives his tips for good communication in this week’s video.

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Episode 3 - Marketing Success

Mr. Bouris takes a break from Celebrity Apprentice filming to share his top tips for marketing success. Learn what Mr. Bouris thinks of the boys efforts in this week's challenge.

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Episode 2 - You’re inspired: Customer service

Mr. Bouris breaks down the reasons why Team Fabulous excelled at the Tall Ship challenge.

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Episode 1 - What type of salesperson are you?

Mr. Bouris talks us through the art of different sales techniques.

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Celebrity Apprentice News: Meet Mark

Mark shares his views on what he expects from the celebrities on this season of Celebrity

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