Who is PE suitable for?

PE is suitable for young investors looking to gain exposure to the Australian share market, but who aren’t ready to deal with the volatility that comes with it. The fund is a growth style fund in nature but with added protection to reduce volatility. It is also suitable for older investors still looking to maintain a certain level of growth in their portfolio.

What is the fund’s investment objective?

The fund’s investment objective is to deliver a return of CPI +5% p.a. over a rolling 5-year period. The fund looks to deliver returns in line with that of the Australian share market, with at least half the volatility that is normally associated with that style of investing.

How long should I expect to keep my money invested with you?

It is recommended that the investor has a 5-year investment horizon. However, the fund is can be accessed at any time.

What is the investment strategy?

The investment strategy is to invest with a portfolio of independent Australian equity managers who , to deliver a return regardless of market cycles and conditions, whilst protecting capital during times of market volatility.

Who is the fund’s Administrator and how do I contact them?

Investment Manger = Smarter Money Investments

Portfolio Manager = Select Investment Partners

Administrators = FundBPO

Responsible entity = OneVue RE services

Same contact details as SMAC and SMHI