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At Yellow Brick Road West End we know that there are many financial components that help you secure your future: savings, home ownership, debt reduction, cash-flow management, investments, superannuation, estate planning, wealth protection and tax planning. 

How do you make the right decisions now?  How do you ensure success in the future?

For starters, you need someone who can see the whole picture and help you make a plan, with good products and expert and holistic advice. You could benefit from seeing a Yellow Brick Road Wealth Manager.

Getting started

Many people seek out financial advice because a life event has prompted them (divorce, marriage, first born, starting a business), or they see retirement looming or they want to take more control over their financial affairs. Most people don’t know where to start. They’ve seen advertising, they’ve read financial stories and seen news headlines. They want to take control but they lack understanding. Getting started on a wealth plan can mean finding an expert adviser who brings together the pieces, understands the priorities, helps sets your goals and makes a plan. Good financial planning makes things simpler for you, not more complex.

Finding an expert

At YBR West End, your first step is talking to one of our Wealth Managers. These financial experts assess your circumstances, your risk tolerance and your goals, and make an holistic plan to help you reach those goals. They help you execute this plan and adjust it as your life circumstances change. Wealth Managers have access to a team of financial professionals to ensure you have access to the best advice and financial products.


Pop by in person or call and make an appointment at our YBR West End Branch. Your first meeting with a YBR Wealth Manager is obligation-free.  You’ll be asked about your circumstances, your current plans and structures, and your life goals. There are no wrong answers. This is your chance to ‘tell it like it is’ and see how an expert adviser can help you.


If you feel comfortable with your Wealth Manager, and their ideas make sense, you can engage them as your financial planner. When you become a client the Wealth Manager will do a lot of the leg-work that was either too confusing or time-consuming for you to do yourself. They create a risk profile that sets your limits on the risks you’ll take in order to make the returns you want; they take an objective snapshot of your current financial status, and make a plan you can follow to reach your goals. The Wealth Manager will be in regular contact with you to adjust your plan as your personal circumstances and economic events require.

Most importantly, our YBR West End Wealth Managers are focused on the individual; it doesn’t matter how much you earn or how disorganised your finances, a Wealth Manager can help you plan for your future.

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