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In 1988 I was working on oil rigs and I learned a valuable lesson about ensuring you get good financial advice/ Ironically I learned this by receiving a bad piece of advice.

Superannuation was just introduced to Australia and an adviser told me that I didn’t need superannuation since I worked for myself and my wife was a school teacher.

I always believed in planning for the future so I didn’t take his advice and I’m glad I didn’t. Superannuation is an easy way to build savings for retirement and has assisted my wife and I in our retirement planning. 

Well today, I’m the branch principal of Yellow Brick Road Pakenham, the first branch to open in Victoria and to take up Mark Bouris’ vision to help all Australians secure a roof over their heads and retire comfortably.

I often think back to this poor advice, and ensure that in all my discussions with my clients that I am helping them prepare and plan for future success. Whether that’s ensuring their loan is protected, or setting up their superannuation or doing an insurance review. I always keep their best interests at heart. 

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