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#myfinancialadvice rent money is dead money

When I was 18 years old, I received one of my most memorable pieces of financial advice from my mother.
I was at home preparing for my wedding when mum shared this advice with me. She said: ‘Rent money is dead money’.
Her advice made a lot of sense. My wife-to-be and I decided to take her advice and bought a home instead of travelling overseas for a honeymoon.
Well today I’m the branch principal of Yellow Brick Road Mount Barker in the midst of the Adelaide Hills and I haven’t forgotten this advice.
This one piece of advice was the single most important of financial advice ever shared with myself and in turn I share it and my story with every prospective first home owner I meet.
My team and I help many home owners with their first home loan and entry into the property market.
I enjoy sharing my personal stories like this and also expert financial advice to help families in my community get ahead.

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