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Suzy Macdonald - FBAA's 20 Brokers to Watch

Suzy MacDonald became a broker out of a true desire to help people. “I love what I do and I am passionate about finding solutions and creating strategies that help customers achieve their financial goals,” says Suzy. “I also want to keep them on track during their financial journey by helping them to get out of debt and securing a positive outlook for their financial future.”

Focusing on the client experience and providing personalised service has seen clients become advocates for the business. “By understanding a customer’s needs, being consistent, and achieving great outcomes, the customers have returned and refer friends, family and colleagues,” says Suzy. “I feel blessed to have clients that come to me already feeling positive about the experience they will have based on the referral they received.”

Suzy has big goals for 2020. “I want to build my team with like-minded staff so that as the business grows. I can maintain the level of service that customers appreciate. I want to adapt to the changing environment and to diversify my business so that we remain competitive and solution driven. And not lose sight of how important the customer journey is to the success of my business.”

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