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#myfinancialadvice saving money from hard work

The most memorable financial advice I ever received came from a woman who was born during WW1 and lived through the Japanese occupation of Malaya.

She was a tough lady and did well to raise seven children.

She used to sell cakes and special biscuits to supplement her income during the difficult post-war times.
She was my beloved grandmother and she had always believed in saving money made from hard work.
And she passed wisdom onto me when I was growing up in Malaysia in my early teens.
Well, today I am a wealth manager with Yellow Brick Road Gladesville based in a lovely Sydney suburb, and I still haven’t forgotten that advice.
That advice was very important in setting me up in my mind that I always have to make sure I have funds for a rainy day. It was also critical when my youngest son was born and when I took more than two years off to help my wife with his disability. I had enough savings to live through those years.
Today, I share this with my kids and I make sure all my clients have a buffer for any future events before I placed them in their loans or in providing financial advice. We have a very rich collection of savings products that can make savings work harder before using them to buy houses, cars or spending on holidays.

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