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A new garden brings new life

When I first looked at opening my branch, I had to a garden bed outside the window to consider, which was rough to say the least.

Weeds were growing rampantly and it was dirty and a great big mess. People passing by didn’t really care for cleanliness and rubbish was strewn around.

So the first thing I did upon signing the lease to the office was to clean up the garden and plant new plants.

The result was a clean, organised garden which resulted in behavioural changes amongst the regulars in the area. Less rubbish was thrown on the garden and it certainly brightened the place up, making people happier.

I hope people who pass by understand the significance of renewal and value adding which is what our brand stands for. The prosperity of the branch is not only in the ability to help clients turn around their finances but also to ensure it is sustainable.

When we help people with their loans or give them financial advice, we basically send them on a path of renewal and add value to their lives for the long term.

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