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Client success story- Being in control

Two of our clients, Anna and Victor* who while meeting with the Yellow Brick Road Clifton Hill team, said that they were unhappy with their current loan situation. Their loans, which were funded by one of the major banks, were spread across 3 properties and totaled $1.2 million. After talking with our team, they became open to the possibility of “what can we change about our loan situation?” and so the team and I got to work.

Over the month, we focused on building a comprehensive spreadsheet, which compared their situation (including rates) to other potential lenders and identified that their current loan left them outside market rates. A deeper analysis allowed us to zero in on every last detail about their loan, including their investment properties and other specific factors in their personal situation. In the end, our clients were able to save $483 per month on their loan!

For our clients, this meant that they could pay their house off earlier, but more importantly our clients actually felt like they were back in control of their loan. The improvement of their financial well-being and lifestyle gave them the sense that they were being appreciated and looked after.

For us, giving advice for our clients is important, there’s a lot to be gained by taking a step back, delving deep and looking at the bigger picture. During that month, our preferred lender increased their rates and were no longer an option. However, because of our detailed spreadsheet and the info it provided, it was very easy for us to continue with the analysis.

Whether your loan is worth $1.2 million like Anna & Victor’s*, or it’s much smaller, being in control is knowing all the details and what your options could be, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Interested in learning more?  Book your free session with Clifton Hill’s leading mortgage brokers and receive a complimentary comparative loan analysis with a Clifton Hill Advisor.  To get in touch with your local YBR Clifton Hill Advisor contact the team today on 03 9481 1400 or click here.

*The information on this blog contains general information and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. If you require further information don’t hesitate to contact the branch directly. Client names have been changed within this article.

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