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When I was 18 my sister who was 9 years older than me, she was married with two children ages 5 and 3, hadn't been all that well for quite a while. Unfortunately she passed away from a brain aneurysm, leaving her family to fend for themselves. Luckily she had life insurance. This Insurance paid off the house, paid off the car, it didn't bring their mother or wife back but it helped the kids and her husband to manage their tragic loss by allowing her family to be together and not have the added pressures of finance to interrupt there grieving.

I was shattered, but i relised however tragic this was, without the money they wouldn't have coped  at least her family kept there dignity and could afford to give there wife and mother the send off she deserved.

I went and insured my self the next week.

Maybe i fell into this job as a accident, maybe not, who knows, but i will advise every person and i will look at there individual situation and tell them what i think. 

Every person i see, all the people with debt, with families  need to protect the people they love.

 Well today i'm a wealth manager with yellow brick road brighton on the southern side of town in beautiful Adelaide. I have been a financial planner for near on 18 years and I will never forget how much this impacted me as a 18 year old.

I try to share what I know with my clients that should some terrible accident or an unfortunate sickness impact their lives at least, financially, they will be able to carry on.

This is what i believe.

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