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How long to repay?

Now that you know how much to save or borrow for your home loan, the next step is to determine how long it will take to become mortgage free.

Our mortgage repayment calculator enables you to evaluate the length of your investment on a home loan against specific repayments and interest rates. Knowing the length of the loan will help you with how to manage finances and other potential investments.

Purchasing a home is a long term commitment and the best advice can go a long way. Investigate your options with our mortgage repayment calculator and speak to our team of experts at Yellow Brick Road to find the best solution for your home loan.

The results from this calculator is an indication only. The results do not represent either quotes or pre-qualifications for a loan. The specific details of your loan will be provided to you in your loan contract. It is advised that you obtain independent legal and/or financial advice before taking out a loan.

Important information

These calculations do not take into account any fees and charges. The results provided by these calculators are an approximate guide only. These calculators, or the results generated, do not constitute any agreement by us to provide credit assistance. Applications are subject to normal lending guidelines.